Tragedy of a prodigal opportunity

The tragedy of a prodigal opportunity. Luke  15:11 -32 ,Gen. 2 :10 - 12)

God gives everyone opportunities in life especially when one is young  (age  20 to  40 ).

Some squander the opportunity by buying liability instead of assets. You see a young man who got his share of his father's estate and converted to movable 'assets ' in the form of large unwanted rented flats, cars, electronic gadgets, luxurious lifestyle and travel to a far country.

When you have your break (first breakthrough), what do you buy?  Do you buy a car or real estate?

Do you rent a large house that you use more than a month's  income to pay for a year's rent?

Do you increase your taste as your income rises?

Note: The famine didn't hit the fellow until he finished all his resources.
Hunger made the foolish come to his senses.

The way out.

  • Buy  assets  (land, house, gold, strong  currencies in  domiciliary accounts ),

  • Cut expenses by living below your means. For example, one-month income should pay a  year 's rent. 

  • Save in the short run, move the cash to buy assets such as land (there's GOLD inside the land. GENESIS 2:10 - 12

  • Work is needed to keep living. 
  • Have love for the work you enjoy doing. 

Until you discover your GOD  given work which you enjoy doing even without pay, work will always be a burden you want to escape from and go into a far country.

Those who are in the middle age of 45 -50 and are still in the far 'country ' of hopelessness and uncertainty, still moving from one camp  (rented apartment) to another, as the Israelites in the desert,  there's is still hope.

If they return to seek GOD  in humility, sincerely and with all their hearts, and return (repent ) to  GOD,  shall be restored.

It is never too late with THE LORD, cheer up. There's  Hope.

God help us to understand.

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