Monday, November 6

Then God appeared to Jacob again, when he came from Padan Aram, and blessed him.
Genesis 35: 9

What does it mean for a man to be blessed? This is a question every child of God must answer with the scripture in mind. To be blessed is to have God with you. This is why after God blessed Jacob, He changed his name. Jacob's new name had God's name attached to it.

In Christ, you have been linked with God; so you are blessed. Because nothing is greater than God - not any of your dreams or desires, you are complete in Christ. There is nothing else you can add to 'complete'. For this reason, stop looking for who will bless you because you are already blessed. No man seeks for what he already has.

A certain christian brother lost all his money and investment due to a bad deal. This left him devastated and seemingly hopeless. He wept before his pastor because he didn't know what to do next or who to turn to. An inspired statement from the man of God drove Him to prosperity and wealth once again. This was what the pastor said, "You made the money the first time, go and make it again." If you have lost anything, you will recover it as long as God is with you.

No man can bless you in the real sense of the word. To be blessed means that Christ lives in you. The meaning of this is that no man can curse you as well. Christians who look for beggars to pray for them are not living in the reality of what Christ has done for us. If for any reason, your life does not show that you are blessed in Christ, it means that something has gone wrong somewhere with your stand as a child of God. Go to God and find out why. You are blessed with every spiritual blessings in the heavenly realm in Christ. Don't seek to be blessed. Live to remain blessed.

Prayer Guide
1. Appreciate God for His blessings.
2. Pray for the grace to walk in the reality of Christ's provision.
3. Pray for the salvation of someone you know.
4. Pray about your week.
5. Plead the Blood of Jesus and give thanks.

The Bible from cover to cover: Deuteronomy 31 & John 9.

Inspiring Quote
You cannot curse me because I am blessed and you cannot bless me because I am already blessed.
- Dr. Paul Jinadu

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