Monday, November 13

The king said unto him, For what dost thou make request? So I prayed to the God of heaven.Nehemiah 2:4

A certain young man got a job that promised to pay him more than he had ever earned. In his zeal to please his employers and surpass the target, he decided to begin an early morning prayer meeting. When his boss heard about this, he hit the roof. In his rage, he yelled that his company was not a church and turned deaf ears to the brother' s explanation. The result of this was that the company did not move forward and the brother had to quit.

This is a new week. Go beyond quiet time. Pray as you go. It is true that not everyone approves of earnest prayers but don't ever be intimidated to the point that you quit praying. Nehemiah prayed quietly before he replied the king's question. Mind how you speak and fix your heart upon the Lord.

You will not lose any business deal if you care to pray as you do your business. After your quiet time, don't leave Jesus at home. Make sure you go out with Him. The best way to sustain his presence is to talk to Him. If you do, He will give you the right answers and His answers are always right.

May this week be 'fruit full' for you. As you talk to the Lord, His favor will move the hearts of men in your favor. Jesus is unto you prosperity and success. So don't be afraid to pray as you go.

Prayer Guide
1. Celebrate God for a new week.
2. Pray that your quiet time will please God in this week.
3. Stand against any hindrance to your prayer this week.
4. Talk to the Lord about this week.
5. Pray as you are led. Give thanks.

The Bible from cover to cover: Joshua 3 & John 15.

Inspiring Quote
The more God knows that you can trust Him, the more He will bless you.

- Dr. Paul Jinadu

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