Monday, October 30

A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches.
Proverbs 22: 1

One of the things that humans find difficult to admit a bad character. The devil is not afraid of your success or anointing if he discovers that you have issues with your character.

The display of fits of anger is a character problem that many Christians possess. A moment of anger is enough to destroy the works a person has built for years. It is therefore sad to see or hear believers boasting about how terrible they can be when they are provoked.

One of the things that can help out concerning character issues is that before you do things in retaliation, first think of how the Holy Spirit will feel about your actions. Will He be hurt or will He be proud of what you do?

A certain Christian man is loved by everyone who comes in contact with him. There is nothing he cannot do to develop a relationship. But, the character challenges he has makes him destroy any relationship in just a moment.

If you discover that you have issues with your character, talk to the Lord about it. He is always willing to help His children. May you climb to greater heights this week in Jesus name.

Prayer Guide
1. Thank God for this new week.
2. Repent of any character issue that the Holy Spirit has been warning you about.
3. Pray for personal deliverance from destructive thoughts and actions.
4. Present your needs before God.
5. Pray about your week and give thanks.

The Bible from cover to cover: Deuteronomy 24 & John 2.

Inspiring Quote
No man can climb out beyond the limitations of his character.
- John Morely

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